What is an effective exercise workout?

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The answer: 100 MEPs

In this age of big commercial gyms that promise everything for very little money, we decided to find out what the smaller mom and pops places were doing to differentiate themselves.

The first thing we noticed was that the less expensive options were the most crowded. In order to pay the bills you end up having to pack the place like sardines and there’s very little room to actually work out. The other curious thing is that more than half of the people we talked to never used all the extras that brought them to that particular gym in the first place.

Then we checked out Bold Fitness, located in the Sangaree area (next to the BiLo) just off the 26 freeway on Main St. The first thing that caught our eyes was the My Zone posters all over the place and a wall loaded with TV screens.

“At Bold Fitness, we believe the simplest definition of an effective workout is 100 MEPs,” said Mike White, owner of Bold Fitness. A MEP stands for  (MYZONE Effort Points) and is earned by exercising in your desired heart rate zone over a period of time.

“The heart doesn’t lie,” White continued. “By reaching your ideal heart rate, you’re getting effective exercise suited for your personal needs. We invested heavily in the MY ZONE system because we want our members to get the most out of their time at the gym. Everyone has a target zone they should be trying to achieve. Once you put on the MYZONE belt, you’ll get a monitor tile that appears on one of the many TVs located around the gym. I always tell people shoot for 100 MEPs for a good workout and 150 MEPs for a great workout.

We track your points and have monthly contest to keep the motivation going and have weekly courses on how to set and adjust your heart rate goals. Whether you goal is weight loss, endurance training or just maintenance we have the experts to teach you and show you how to effectively use your heart to train more effectively.”

The second thing we noticed was while it had much of the traditional equipment (treadmills, machines and free weights), it also had a variety of things that most other places don’t, like a HIIT Studio called SCORCHED.


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), usually 30 minutes long, has become more and more popular among fitness gurus, and for good reason. HIIT combines short bursts of intense activity with moderate exercise to increase your heart rate, burn calories and strengthen your muscles.

“There are really 3 facets to HITT training that we’ve captured in putting together our program,” said White, who is also an avid SCORCHED participant. “I love it.”

  1. All the workouts are created in advance with specific target areas. One day might be cardio, the next strength and another day boxing and/or a combination of everything. Each work out is timed, so there’s not a wasted second.
  2. Every time you attend a SCORCHED class you’ll have a coach with you the entire 30 minutes, focusing on technique and motivating every drop of energy out of your body.
  3. We utilize the MYZONE system to make sure you’re working in the right zone for you and for the exercise. “The MYZONE system is such an effective tool that helps me as a coach make sure you’re workout is the best it can be and that you’re doing the workout in a safe heart rate zone,” mentioned Todd Ellis, a professional trainer at Bold Fitness.

SCORCHED runs from 8am – 11am and 3:30pm – 8pm Monday – Friday. No appointment necessary!  All you have to do is come on in and you’ll be worked right into the circuit.

“We created SCORCHED for the purpose of those people that want the high intensity training, but don’t want to be limited. Most of our members said they liked HIIT training but didn’t want to join a facility that doesn’t offer all the other things that makes a gym a gym. There are days when a person wants to do something else and we have that.”

If you’re in the market for a new gym, here are a few things to consider about Bold Fitness:

1. Look for variety

Just like any activity you do on a daily basis, the same old exercises can get boring after a while. Changing up your routine keeps things fresh and new so that you don’t get burned out.  Consider taking a group fitness class that ranges from Zumba, Cycling, Kettlebell AMP’D, Yoga and a host of others. You can find Bold Fitness’s schedule online at boldfitnessinsc.com.

2. Try a personal trainer

There’s nothing like one on one training to really focus in on your needs. Body Shop Fitness is also located inside Bold Fitness and as a host of professional trainers just waiting to change your life.

3. Childcare & Locker Rooms

Now that the summers here make sure your gym has a daycare that can watch your child while you get your beach body.  Bold Fitness offers adult supervised childcare 6 days a week and locker rooms complete with showers.

Stop by Bold Fitness to experience a more effective way to work out.


1625 N. Main St.

Summerville, SC 29486