4 Ways to Get Ahead on Spring Cleaning This Year

Winter is almost over! Even those of us who appreciate winter for its better characteristics (like the excuse to eat comfort food or cozy up next to the fire) are secretly ready to get everything cleaned out and organized. Between Christmas, snow days and tax paperwork, the task can feel overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to!

Here are four easy ways to get a head start on your spring cleaning this year.

1. Make cleaning an event

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a lonesome chore. Make spring cleaning a group affair and get the whole family or even a few friends involved. Pick a date, put your favorite playlist on, and provide some food and drinks – easy to clean up afterwards, of course! Plus, with the help of a team, the cleaning will go much faster than if you attempted it solo, and you’ll be having fun while doing it.

2. Target the extra paperwork

Every household blog talks about clearing the visible paper clutter from your house when company is coming by. Well, now is your chance to clear out that hidden paper as well. Think how much better you’ll feel when unnecessary documents are no longer crowding the junk drawer. File important papers so they’re organized and discard the rest, whether it’s old magazines, newspapers, bank statements or junk mail. And don’t forget to recycle anything without personal information.

3. Ditch the out-of-date electronics

We’re betting you have a few old mobile phones stashed somewhere around the house, maybe even an iPod, radio or laptop. Don’t let these devices sit around collecting dust. Donate the stuff that works to Dorchester Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and recycle anything that doesn’t. A quick Google search will show you what to do with electronic waste (known as E-waste) in Dorchester County.

4. Refresh your wardrobe

There’s a saying that if you haven’t worn something for an entire year, donate it. Spring is a great time to take that seriously and discard sweaters, shirts, pants and accessories that no longer fit, or haven’t seen the light of day since before last spring.

Your kids and spouse should do the same – and don’t just stop at clothes! From toys that everyone outgrew to leftover building materials from your last DIY project, box it all up and take it to the Dorchester Habitat for Humanity ReStore, where someone new can find it useful.

Need to know what your local Habitat for Humanity will accept for donations? Visit DorchesterHabitat.org or call (843) 851-1414.